Photobooths - Why Use Them?

Photobooths - Why Use Them?

Have you ever been at a gathering and wished you had taken more pictures? If so and you like a bit of FUN, photobooths are a great option! They give you a chance to get everyone involved, have fun and encourage creativity.

The concept is great for any event as any gathering of people can use them: a Wedding, Kids Birthday Party, Baby Shower, Bachelorette Party or Corporate Networking Event. Of course you can hire one of those automated booths that print out photostrips on the spot but being a photographer I believe in quality photos first and foremost so instead of the stuffy 'booth' I offer to setup an open-air photobooth and take the pictures for you. All photos will then be edited after the event, which means you get professional studio quality photos for less than the price of your typical photobooth and in a size you can display.

Of course what fun is a photobooth without a prop or two - these vary from hats and feather boas to cut-outs of words. I have loads of different props and my creativity along with pintrest and etsy has helped me designed some unique props of my own.

I’m wondering why people don’t do this for more gatherings. It’s so easy! You just need me, my camera and a sense of humour. If this sounds like something that intersts you get in touch with me and we can discuss how to include this in your event :)