Smash the Cake

Cake Smash photography sessions are a great alternative to your standard 1 year old portraits. It started in America a few years ago, but cake smashes are growing in popularity – and they’re a lot of fun for everyone involved!

Get a perfectly good cake, then allow your baby/child to make a real mess of it. It’s often the first time your child has eaten this much cake, and the first time they’ve been allowed to do whatever they want with it – whether it’s face-planting into it, putting icing in their hair, or knocking the whole thing over then crawling through it! It's certainly a unique way to commemorate 1st birthdays, whilst capturing the fun, cheeky personality of your child as they taste something sweet for the first time.

Smash the Cake session starts with a regular mini portrait session capturing your child with you, or other siblings playing, and up close. Then, we'll bring in the cake. I include all before pictures as well as the cake smashing. These photos are great if being used on the first birthday party invitations or just to mark the milestone in a fun, carefree way!

These pictures just take my breath away. You're truly talented Rox. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

- Zamahlubi Gee Buthelezi -

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